Clinically accurate
heart monitoring
anytime, anywhere.

You know how sometimes you feel strange palpitations in your heart but a doctor is nowhere nearby to measure it?
Our device and platform will enable your doctor to monitor your heart anytime and anywhere in real time!


You do not have to live in fear of a heart malfunction.

Studies in preventive medicine show that a heart attack can be predicted a couple of hours before its onset by detecting changes in an ECG recording.




How does heart monitoring work?

1. Install the app

Download the application on your smart device.

2. Attach the monitor

Stick the electrodes on the chest over clean skin.

3. Start recording

The results can be viewed on your smartphone instantaneously.

4. Get your doctor involved

Your doctor will analyze and interpret your results with the ECGalert platform.

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How will doctors be involved?

You can give access to your data to as many medical professionals as you'd like. They will use our AI platform to keep track of your heart's health and interpret your results.


Half of all people with atrial fibrillation have no symptoms
that suggest that they may have an arrhythmia.
- Trudie Lobban, CEO of Arrhythmia Alliance


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