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ECGalert is operated by the Macedonian company
Innovation DOOEL


We started with a vision of predicting a heart attack before it happens. Today, with our AI algorithms, we help users from all around the world to monitor their hearts. 

Our products make it possible for patients to monitor their heart remotely and get feedback on their heart's health in real time. It's a game-changer for patients who require long term monitoring, and don't have the means and time to visit the hospital on a regular basis.

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Everybody is concerned about their heart’s health. Yet, because of the busy lifestyle of the 21st century and long waiting times at the doctor, many of us fail to get diagnosed in time and practice preventative medicine.



We create world renowned
cloud-based software


Our mighty engineers have developed software applications for all kinds of clients like universities, banks, telecommunication companies and governments. We have also been active in international projects funded by the EU Commission.


Some of our clients include:




Our team is comprised of brilliant engineers and experienced cardiologists


There is a curious mix of engineers, cardiologists and business people in our company. Our experience includes a long range sophisticated ICT projects in e-Health, e-Government, and e-Business from 2006 until today. But you don't have to take our word for it. Go ahead, see some of our staff in action on the videos below. 


We are funded by the National Fund of Innovations and Technical Development in Macedonia


You can tell by our name that we are crazy about innovations. Naturally, we are no stranger to R&D grants. Some of our other awards include two Seals of Excellence from the EU's Horizon 2020. Oh, and did we mention that our technology is patent pending (IB2017/056325)? Super secret stuff!