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How to use ECGalert with android


ECGalert allows you to monitor your heart in real-time. We make it easy for your doctor  to track changes in your heart rhythm as they are happening and analyze them with the latest AI. To use ECGalert with Android you will need: 
-MobECG app (download from Google Play store)
-MobECG Daemon app (download from this link)
-ECGalert account (register at


1. Register on the online platform

Open and fill out your personal details in order to register.

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2. Attach Savvy and
start measuring with MOBECG

With Savvy on your chest and MobECG installed, you can begin measuring your ECG from the comfort of your home. When pairing Savvy with MobECG please enter the PIN code found on the last page of the user manual.

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3. Install MobECG Daemon, and log in. 

You can download and install MobECG DEAMON here and log in with the same credentials from the account you created in step 1. The app will allow your doctor to monitor your heart and analyze your ECG in real time 

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4. view your measurements in real time.

We only allow certified medical professionals to use our platform as doctors. In order to access these features, please ask your doctor email us  email from their professional email address.

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