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I don’t want to have to explain the symptoms to my doctor.
I want them to be there to see them in real time.
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How does heart monitoring work?

1. Install the app

Download the application on your smart device.

2. Attach the monitor

Stick the electrodes on the chest over clean skin.

3. Start recording

The results can be viewed on your smartphone instantaneously.

After using the Savvy Heart monitor for a week, my doctor recommended that I keep my active lifestyle since he concluded that my arrhythmia is not life-threatening.
— Wilhelm Lucas, 36
Finally, after wearing the Savvy heart monitor for 5 days, my doctor found that my heart stopped beating for 3-4 seconds and it was exactly at the times at which I was experiencing symptoms.
— Petra Nowak, 51
I thought heart monitoring was complicated, when really all you need is a smartphone.
— Bianca Ricci, 63
So far, my parents have been happy using the device and I feel good knowing that they are able to get fast feedback on their health.
— David Wilson, 42
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How will doctors be involved?

You can give access to your data to as many medical professionals as you'd like. They will use our AI platform to keep track of your heart's health and interpret your results.

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