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How to start using the Savvy heart monitor


The Savvy heart monitor is a light wearable medical device that measures single-channel ECG. It's unique design and long battery life put it at the frontline of medical technology.  


1. first things first. charge your savvy monitor.

You'll know that Savvy is charged once the red light on the dock goes off. A typical charge usually takes about 2 hours. Make sure to user a proper adapter if your electrical plug is different from the standard Europlug (110-240 V). 


2. Attach electrodes

Savvy is best used with self-adhesive electrodes, which ensure the monitor stays in place and the ECG signal is clear. Check whether you have allergic reactions before choosing the right electrodes for you.

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3. place savvy in a suitable position

There are many different positions for heart monitoring with Savvy. Talk with a medical professional to choose the right position for you. 


Follow the android or ios tutorial next

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